Monday, 7 May 2012

Farm / Cow Themed Birthday cake

I made my fourth fondant cake yesterday with a cow / farm theme shaped as a number 1 for my friends son. His party was today. It's been around 2 years since I made the first 3 cakes so it was fun to get back into it.

They asked me to add the words (in British colours as mum is English and dad is Italian) saying 'Come fa la mucca', which means 'what noise does a cow make' as his first word was mooo! They loved the cake so I was happy.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Illustration Friday: Hitched

OK, here is it. My third attempt at a watercolour illustration. Don't laugh! I'm hoping I get better the more I practice!

This was the first idea that popped into my head. Hitched because the couple have just got hitched and because they've hitched a ride in the beetle.

I'm sure there must be better ways to upload but I have a very basic scanner so this is what it uploaded like although it looks different in real life. I wonder how people manage to upload their pics so they look like the actual painting?

I'm going to be a painter!

Ok, so I've decided I might quite like to be a painter. Have I painted before? No. Am I any good at drawing? No. Do I care? Not really. Practice makes perfect as they say. Anyhoo, I picked up a cheap set of watercolours from WHSmiths and a pad of paper. Whilst googling tutorials I found a blog called Illustration Friday where they post a topic each week so I figured I'd start with this to get my creative juices flowing. This weeks topic is 'Hitched'. I played around with a few doodles before deciding on a cute beetle with a married couple inside. It's maybe a little obvious but I figured I'd start with something easy. I'll upload separately as I need to have it on a single post to contribute my link to their site.